Growing out of experience

After many years successfully delivering diverse and complex projects e.g. the setup of a Europe-wide sales management, outsourcing of logistics solutions, establishing of a research center, adaptation of standard ERP systems to liberalized markets and the management in New Economy – covered areas, Dr. Kurt A. Hackl on 3.5.2001 founded UBH_UnternehmensBeratungHackl in in Linz.


„Lean“ was seen a challenge from the beginning. By outsourcing accounting and other services, it was possible to start lean and through only project-related cooperation with competent partners, it was possible to organizationally stay lean with only 3 employees.


Another important point for the self-consciously imposed growth-restrictions is based by the often seen  way of conduction consultancy where concepts and acquisition are carried out by top executives, but delivery and especially implementation is passed to less experienced staff. Here a counter-point should be set: Any enterprise which entrusted UBH_UnternehmensBeratungHackl with a project has the guarantee that Dr. Kurt Hackl personally keeps in charge for each project for its full lifetime.

Business and Technology

The pronounced ability to speak as an experienced manager with a technical background, not only the language of the merchants, but also the technician has provided valuable assistance in many projects.


There is also a fact which we are proud of even after over 10 years. So far, the desire was still to every project from customers to approach us to perform more projects for this client – sometimes similar, sometimes very dissimilar. To warrant this trust is our goal for both existing and new customers!