Interim Management

No enterprise can afford any management shortage at any time.

Bad or insufficient management capacity can lead to severe business problems.

The main causes for management shortage are:

  • The sudden leave – regardless what reasons are accounted for that leave – of a member of the board or other senior manager creates a loss in management power.
  • Management succession is an extremely sensitive area especially if family business is concerned.
  • Some companies or divisions need to be managed by certain specialists (e.g. for legal requirements). Any management shortage in that case is even more complicated due to formal requirements.
  • Starting business operations in Austria for door-opening to EU and CEE is not an easy task for overseas companies. Foreign management needs time to get acquainted with local customs and high-profile domestic management is not easily available.
  • On the other hand it is similarly difficult for Austrian companies to start export activities in certain countries.

Your advantages with UBH:

  • Short-term availability of management power in cases of emergency.
  • Assistance with management succession planning including coaching of designated future managers.
  • Technological know-how in public utilities, chemical or pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper industry, civil engineering and ERP-systems enables us to undertake also technical management positions.
  • Set up of Austrian representations for overseas companies can be done easily and economically.

If you are in demand of management power including transfer of responsibility and expect more than traditional short-term assistance you should call.