Advice to utilities and grid operators

Business Process Management for Utilities and Grid Operators

Today once regulated markets conditions are in permanent change for power suppliers, grid operators and infrastructure providers in general.

Unbundling claims disintegrate former integrated companies and put long established and economically important synergies at stake.

There is only one choice to maintain and even extend those synergies: Business Process Management acts as tool to define intra- and extra-enterprise relationships and interfaces to clearly work out responsibilities. Outsourcing of former core tasks is an additional but challenging option.

Asset management as an additional challenge deeply interacts with strategies concerning maintenance, investment policy and service levels and needs to be based on evaluated facts about the susceptibility to changes. This susceptibility can be optimally traced by analysis of business processes.

Business process management is also the way of choice to accomplish organizational restructuring. It helps to work out which tasks belong to core business competence and which organizational units are responsible respectively necessary to fulfill those tasks.

As could be seen by professional experience the easiest way to gain best results is a top-down strategy.

In a first step core competences are defined closely together with the top management.

In a second step middle management task groups are formed for each core competence. Those task groups help to evaluate the current business processes.

During the evaluation of the business processes we start with optimization in order to keep any feedback loop small and fast acting.

Subsequently the optimized processes are consistently documented to QS-standards.

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