Risk assessment

The total is more than the sum of all components!

Meta-Risk-Analysis at work

This statement applies in particular to all types of risks to which a company might be exposed. We use a holistic approach for risk assessment.

Meta-Risk-Analysis use existing risk analysis work and comprehend those with a clear focus on lethal enterprise risks.

Dr. Kurt Hackl has the proven experience – even as court-certified expert – to detect structural and organizational as well as technical risks, to describe and put them into relation with each other. Even IT risk analysis can be integrated in our comprehensive analysis.

Specifically for companies with complex structures including distributed facilities and premises risk analysis can be based on limited samples. Out of it valid philosophies can be derived, which can be transferred to a detectable overall view of the way a specific enterprise copes with risks.

Often even historically grown or locally influenced weaknesses in corporate those philosophies can be detected.