Crisis and Disaster Management

Operational problems happen – disaster has to be prevented!

During regular operations every organisation is well prepared to cope with failures or minor outages; but not every organisation is prepared to handle critical situations.

Successful Crisis Management is not limited to handle a situation which turned into disaster – it starts well far earlier: by creating organisational blueprints and procedures which can easily and immediately set into action.

Especially technologically oriented companies or utilities have to realize that crisis is not limited to the well known hard facts capable by skilled professional competence but also includes soft psychological facts which in critical situations gain more and more weight and might the main reason to affect the company, its reputation and that of the management.

There have to be well established and trained rules and procedures to recognize any situation which might lead to crisis or disaster and clear responsibilities for immediate decision whether and how to set up Crisis Management.

If you are interested in designing a suitable und lean Crisis Management for your organisation or if you want to improve or test your current Crisis Management you should call an expert!