Quality Systems and Certificates

Certificates and more!

The core of each certification – regardless, whether they are for QS certifications (ISO 9000, EN 17925 and EN 45000), environmental certifications (EMAS or ISO 14001) certifications of energy management (ISO 50001), TSM- or IT certifications (eg. ISO 27000 or EN 50600…) or GLP / GMP certifications – is to build a quality-oriented management system. The construction of such a management system brings significant benefits and also makes it possible to analyse, improve and unify established routines and ways of conducting business.

Certification projects, which are not only aimed to obtain a certificate, but are set up as a starting point for real improvements bring benefits both internally and through the associated analysis and improvement of processes. These benefits can be communicated through the certification to the outside world as “intangible asset”.

So if you are interested in certification and want to exploit thereby also the communicative potential for optimization, you should contact us.