Technological Expertise

Important economic decisions are very often based on technological evaluations, results of laboratory tests or feasibility studies.

Mostly those questions expressed in hard facts of scientific data have to be seen within their context of soft facts, and therefore evaluation of the context remains the first, most difficult and in many cases neglected step.

Even the best scientists tend to answer only those questions that they are definitely asked. But only a minority of them even provides support in defining the questions that should be asked. Additionally many problems involve several different fields of technology and therefore different scientific technologies.

Further problems occur if all the results of those experts of different fields have to be combined to get what is initially needed: an answer to the original problem and a clear and sound scientific statement.

One can easily imagine that those facts are the foundation of long and costly delays. We have the experience and the network of experts to provide you with an integrated solution:

It starts with analysing the different aspects of your problem including applicable legal backgrounds and in a second step clear scientific questions are expressed and given to appropriate experts to answer. Finally those scientific data are combined, checked and summarized in a clear and useful statement.

UBH does not provide any laboratory service by itself to guarantee fully independent and economic selection of scientific tests.

So if you need answers to technological problems especially in the fields of Environmental evaluations, Chemistry, Plastics, Pulp and Paper or Pharmaceuticals please contact.