Technological Competence

Successful consultancy in technical companies is to understand engineers and to speak their language!

How can you convince that one also speaks the language of engineers and understands their way of thinking? The best way is experiencing it within a project.

But maybe it might be helpful, especially for new customers, to view the list of international patents, which Dr. Kurt A. Hackl developed for various companies and in which he is listed exclusively as the prime inventor.

And last but not least patents (other design protection) reflects not only singular ideas, but also the ability to combine and develop consistent procedures – similar to successful process design.

For most engineering problems are in fact frequently organizational problems in the workflows and processes that are not just not correctly identified!

Overview of the patents with Dr. Kurt Hackl as main inventor:

Tamper-proof paper marking

Method for the preparation of precursers for ACE inhibitors

Improved process for the preparation of ACE inhibitors

Preparation of cyclic ureas for use as chemical solvents

Preparation of Isocyanates by thermal decomposition

Novel methods for the preparation of alkylated ureas

Preparation of phenylurea compounds

Process for the thermal recovery of isocyanic acid